Kenny Youngar drummer of MESSER: "Putting some Lizard Spit Drum Care Products to use, can't express how Badass this polish is!!!" 

GBCP 01 Guitar & Bass Care Pack MSRP $34.95

Nashville's Wonder Guitarist Johnny Hiland

"I am the biggest fan & user of Lizard Spit on the Planet! I've tried them all and Lizard Spit is the best by far!!!"

Watch for Johnny's new album STANDING STRONG. 

MP 12 Fresh-N-Easy

 String Cleaner 1 1/3oz. MSRP $10.95

Lizard Spit Quote from Al Caldwell
"My Basses aren’t ready for Showtime until I hit them with Lizard Spit. Whether I’m playing 4 string bass with the Travelin Black Hillbillys or a 9 string bass for Vanessa Williams, my Lizard Spit products Slick Nutz, Fret Board Conditioner and Guitar Polish keep my gear ready to groove. I love your product for Banjo Too!!!!!"

MP 03 Cymbal Polish 4oz. MSRP $12.95

MP 08  V.I.P Vintage Instrument Polish 4oz. MSRP $16.95

MP 01 Guitar Polish 4oz. MSRP $10.95

SLN 10  Slick Nutz - Nut Slot Lubricant 1oz. MSRP $16.95

MP 05 Drum Shell Cleaner 4oz. MSRP $10.95

Testimonials & Artists

MP 11 Mini Guitar Polish 1oz. MSRP $5.95

MP 06 Piano Polish 8oz. MSRP $16.95

"The Proof is in the Pudding" long time Lizard Spit Endorsee Jeff George of (We are Harlot) formally Sebastian Back of SKID ROW states: "Lizard Spit.. the only thing I'll put on an original $40,000 1955 Les Paul Goldtop. Check out Jeff band on tour now!!!"

Serious musicians use Lizard Spit.... Are you Serious?

MP 02 Fret Board

 Conditioner 4oz. MSRP $12.95

Europes's jaw-dropping guitarist Neil Mellor: "The guitar polish is very good!!! It leaves the guitar feeling very silky smooth. It doesn't pickup finger print marks anywhere near as much as it did using my old polish. I hate the sticky feel some polishes leave behind. I had ended up using furniture polish in the past due to the sticky feel of other guitar polishes. Unfortunately most furniture polish can leave behind a residue which irritates my skin. 
This product as well as their range of products, including fretboard conditioner and graphite nut lubricant have been really great for me to use." 

GT 500  Guitar/Bass Polish 8oz. MSRP $16.95

"Top notch / incredible quality products I use on everything. The best of the best" Ty Fury (TRAPT)  

MP 07 Cymbal Cleaner 4oz. MSRP $10.95

MP 09 Microphone Sanitizer 
​4oz. MSRP $10.95